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Assisting clients in making effective and timely decisions.

Business Advising

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Let us unravel the complexities of your ownership change while maximizing value.

Buying or selling a veterinary practice?

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Confirming a realistic and practical value for a veterinary practice is essential to the ultimate success of your objective and a good nights’ sleep.


  • "Selecting Terry Jackson to broker our sale was an obvious choice, as he is well known in the industry as a specialist in helping veterinarians to both sell and purchase."

    -Thank you, Terry, for a job well done. It was a pleasure to work with you.

  • "In addition to his accounting background, Terry brings a highly developed sense of feeling for the emotions of every participant, and a knowledge of the surprisingly large number of details that need to be overcome before an agreement can be concluded."

    -Calgary, Alberta

  • "Terry Jackson is... one of those people you know you have been lucky to work with. His expertise in the veterinary industry combined with excellent business sense and a positive coaching attitude make him an asset..."

    -A Successful Veterinary Clinic

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    How Much is a Partner's Share Worth?

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