Employee Wage Structure




Full time / Part time employees:

Employees working more than thirty (30) hours per week for a period in excess of three weeks are considered to be Full Time Employees for the purposes of defined Benefits.

Employees working less than twenty nine (29) hours per week for a period in excess of three weeks are considered to be Part Time Employees for the purposes of defined Benefits.

Defined Employee Benefits

Defined Employee Benefits are ancillary benefits paid to employees after having been employed by the Company for a period of not less than three (3) months.

The Company reserves the right, in their sole discretion to withdraw Defined Employee Benefits without notice should the employee violate any term or condition related to Defined Employee Benefits.

Vacation Time

Vacation time must be schedule not later than one month prior to the first day of the vacation and must be pre-approved by management in consideration of existing support staff levels and business activities of the practice.


Employees unable to attend their scheduled work shift on account of sickness for a period in excess of three days shall provide a doctor's written confirmation of sickness.

Employees are required to inform the owner or immediate supervisor of their absence from work on account of sickness no later than one hour prior to their scheduled shift.

Management Prerogative to amend, withdraw, introduce

The Company reserves the right in their sole discretion to amend, alter, withdraw or introduce Company Policy of any section, term and / or condition of this Employee Wage Structure.

Probationary Period

All employees hired by the Company shall serve a three month probationary period during which time the Company and existing employees, management and the new employee are afforded the opportunity to ensure there can be a complementary working relationship. During the period of Probation, either the Company or new employee can terminate the employment relationship without notice or severance.

Overtime Hours

It serves all employees well if overtime is minimized and as such all overtime incurred shall be pre-approved by the owner or the employee's immediate supervisor.

At the conclusion of the Probationary Period, the company shall complete an Employee Performance Evaluation and as which time the employment relationship will be terminated without further notice or severance, or alternatively be offered an employment position with the Company.


Employees are paid an hourly compensation, paid on the fifteenth and last of each month by automatic deposit to their personal bank accounts for hours worked since the last payroll date and up to the third day prior to the pay period cut off.

Wage rate
Receptionist            $12.00  to $13.00

No experience in either reception nor industry

Requires one on one supervision at all times

  $14.00 to $17.00

 Employed in the capacity of receptionist for over a year, works independently

and experienced in Customer / Patient relations, telephone answering, computer entry




Employees are entitled to holiday pay based on labor standards legislation.

Holiday pay for all Full Time Employees is accrued with each payroll computation and paid at the time of the employees scheduled and approved holidays. Accrued holiday pay can accrue for no later than two years at which point it will be paid out during the month of December.

Holiday pay for all Part Time Employee is paid with each payroll computation and not accrued over time.


Inflationary Increase

The Company determines and adjusts wage rates for inflation during the month of January each year, such increase to be determined in the sole discretion of the management of the Company.

Merit Increase

Merit Compensation Hourly Wage Raises shall be considered throughout the year having been paid the current rate for no less than six (6) months and shall be accompanied with an Employee Performance Evaluation.


Defined Employee Benefits programs offered to the employees by the Company, in addition to Basic Compensation include;

Uniform Allowance

Continuing Education

Membership Dues

Employee Pet Health Program

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