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Your Veterinary Business Coach and Advisor

terry-jackson2• As an experienced veterinary business valuator,

I draw upon my twenty five plus years of working experience with veterinary practitioners, having completed hundreds of practice valuations and brokering ownership transfers, a daily communication network to the veterinary industry and a professional accounting qualification to investigate, research and compute a realistic fair market value of a veterinary practice. My professional valuation reports are approved by all the major financial institutions and are consistently used to support successful purchase and consolidating financial requests.

• As a skilled business advisor,

I work with veterinary business owners and team members to clarify and align their business  and career priorities in establishing objectives leading to effective and timely management  and personal results orientated decisions that move the practice forward.

• As a seasoned practice broker,

I determine a realistic value selling price, create effective practice marketing programs, and facilitate successful sale transactions, all the while minimizing industry chatter and effecting a sales transaction in the quickest possible time frame, all the while achieving the best possible price, with clearly defined terms and conditions.
As an experienced business facilitator experienced in practice transfers, I work with veterinarians to design associate succession programs under which timely and effective ownership transfers occur in a transparent but safe environment without confusion and misunderstandings.

• As an experienced financial consultant,

I develop strategic business plans incorporating practice growth objectives, identifying  capital and operating programs for new ventures, write comprehensive business plans and  formulate and write successful Requests for Financing for veterinary practices of all sizes.

• As an "Out of the Box" analyst, 

I separate story rhetoric from fact and deliver real options and opportunities for practice  growth, team building, ownership succession, competitive advantages, partnership  disputes, toxic employees and nasty landlords; to name just a few.

• As a recognized professional accountant,

I analyze and interpret your financial transaction, create financial analysis, generate  meaningful reports, implement measures, design incentive programs, formulate effective  and reasonable business plans, write successful financial proposals, etc.

• As a skilled business and labor negotiator,

I coach, develop, facilitate, lead, and represent clients in resolving conflicting, complex,  emotional communications including partnership disputes, business transactions, employee  relations, financial requests, purchasing and selling a business, lease negotiations, etc.

• As a seasoned professional,

I bring to our relationship a twenty five plus year career that began as an accountant and led to working with diverse business industries being an accountant, business valuator,  mentor, and business and life coach to countless business ventures. For the past twenty five  years I have worked alongside veterinarians located in the three western provinces of  Canada as their valuator, broker, negotiator, agent, advisor, team builder, financial advisor,  etc.  I believe my clients are naturally creative, intelligent and resourceful. My job is use my skills,  experience and training to assist in designing and creating a desired business environment  with a clear path under which day to day management decisions are made in a timely and  effective manner through which the practice builds value and the individuals have fun.  I bring a high ethical work standard to a confidential working relationship founded on open  communication, reliability, honesty and the application of fair invoicing.

  • "Selecting Terry Jackson to broker our sale was an obvious choice, as he is well known in the industry as a specialist in helping veterinarians to both sell and purchase."

    -Thank you, Terry, for a job well done. It was a pleasure to work with you.

  • "In addition to his accounting background, Terry brings a highly developed sense of feeling for the emotions of every participant, and a knowledge of the surprisingly large number of details that need to be overcome before an agreement can be concluded."

    -Calgary, Alberta

  • "Terry Jackson is... one of those people you know you have been lucky to work with. His expertise in the veterinary industry combined with excellent business sense and a positive coaching attitude make him an asset..."

    -A Successful Veterinary Clinic

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